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    Behavioral Control System Box
    Observing neural activity during behavior has become an important tool in understanding neural function. Behavior reflects nervous system activity and is dependent on multiple factors including...
    Drosophila on a Ball
    There is a long history of putting a tethered insect on a ball to measure its movements in response to controlled sensory stimuli. As mentioned in the publication, Karl Götz and Erich Buchner had...
    Fly Bowl
    The Fly Bowl behavior quantification system We have developed a high-throughput system for quantifying the locomotion and social behavior of flies with both breadth and...
    Fly Song Recorder
    Many animals rely on acoustic signals to communicate both social and sexual information. The Drosophila melanogaster fly has served as a powerful model system for genetic studies of...
    Four-way Olfactometer Arena for Fruit Flies
    The four-way olfactometer is a structure for fly experimentation, wherein four sectors with different odors are created in a chamber, stimulating and allowing for observation of fly...
    Janelia Automatic Animal Behavior Annotator (JAABA®) Video of animal movement is a valuable measure of their behavior.  Translating video into interpretable results if done manually...
    Large Spherical Treadmill for Rodents
    Recent advances in the use of the awake, head-fixed preparation for small rodents (e.g., rats and mice) have led to an array of new interactive tools for studying brain and behavior. Here we...
    System Overview   The miniBCS is a compact, general purpose Behavioral Control System (BCS). It provides a powerful platform to control real time experiments. It is...
    Modular Visual Display System
    About the Innovation This project documents the hardware and software of an updated version of the Panels, a modular display system typically used for insect vision research. This is an...
    Modulated Lick Port Detector
    Lick sensors can be important tools in determining licking and drinking behavior of rodents during behavioral and neuroscience research. Commercially available lick sensors generally utilize...