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Four-way Olfactometer Arena for Fruit Flies

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Four-way Olfactometer Arena for Fruit Flies

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About the Innovation

The four-way olfactometer is a structure for fly experimentation, wherein four sectors with different odors are created in a chamber, stimulating and allowing for observation of fly behavior. 

The olfactometer has a cylindrical chamber for flies with dimensions Ø110 mm X 3 mm thick. The removable glass lid has a hole for inserting flies in the chamber. During the experiment, the lid is moved so the hole is aside of the chamber.  The air inlet system consists of four groves that create a 4-pointed star-shaped structure with the chamber in the middle. The purpose of the structure is to create four sectors with different odors in the chamber. These sectors are created by sucking air from holes in the center of the chamber’s floor and connecting air inlets at points of the star-shaped grove to glass vials with odor sources. Laminarity of airflow and sharpness of borders between odor fields were tested in smoke experiments, ensuring a consistent experimental environment for the flies. The chamber has combined IR and Crimson activation backlight illuminators for visualization. The IR illuminator is common for the whole chamber, while the Crimson activation illuminator has four zones with the same shapes as odor fields, and users can control light intensity for each zone independently.


Free to make for Non-Profit Research by downloading designs at Flintbox link to the right.

Rights and designs available for Commercial License.

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2016-012

Users must build this technology in conjunction with Janelia 2016-001 Combined Infrared and Optogenetic LED Panel, with which it will be licensed.

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Michael Perham
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