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    We have developed a widely used Cre-dependent viral vector utilizing a genetic element called a FLEX switch. Plasmids are available from
    Behavioral Control System Box
    Observing neural activity during behavior has become an important tool in understanding neural function. Behavior reflects nervous system activity and is dependent on multiple factors including...
    Micro Linear Drive
    In vivo electrophysiology recordings from single to multiple neurons in behaving animals provide unique insights in neuroscience research. Micro drives, which are used to independently position...
    Surgery for placing probes in a model organism can be is difficult given the space constraints and size of the instrumentation. To help assist in the efficient and clean placement of probes,...
    RCaMP Sensors
    Related: see the description of jRCaMP1 here.  A family of genetically encoded calcium indicators (GECIs) from fluorescent proteins other than Aquorea...
    Rodent In Vivo Electrophysiology Targeting System (RIVETS® and RIVETS 360®)
    Recent studies have provided compelling demonstrations that both mice and rats can be trained to perform a variety of behavioral tasks while head restrained. To be effective for research studies,...