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Neuropixels Probe Mounts: 1.0 prototype, 1.0 production, and 2.0 production versions

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Neuropixels Probe Mounts: 1.0 prototype, 1.0 production, and 2.0 production versions

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Neuropixels and Mount description

Neuropixels probes are next-generation electrodes that record the activity of hundreds of neurons in the brain. They were developed through a collaboration funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Wellcome Trust, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and Allen Institute for Brain Science. The head of the collaboration is Tim Harris at HHMI Janelia Research Campus, and the electrodes are designed and fabricated by imec, the nanoelectronics research center. Further details may be found in the Harris lab, the University College London, and the Neuropixels home. 

Among the most annoying, time-consuming, and risky tasks when using Si probes is to mount the probe to a stereotaxic rod or a head post attached to a stereotaxic rod.  The dimensional accuracy of Neuropixels (the base edge and base surface are precisely parallel to the shank edge and face, respectively) offers the opportunity to use the base as a mounting reference. To facilitate this, Neuropixels now ship with a dovetail mounting fixture.  The fixture orients to the “metal cap,” actually a dovetail mounting adapter.

The technologies offered here are the accessories for mounting probes and the mounting rod to the dovetail adapter. The 3A and 3B versions of designs here include probe holder or mounting rod, the dovetail mount, the dovetail extension, and assembly instructions for Neuropixels 1.0. 3A is associated with the prototype and 3B associated with the production version with minor adjustments. We also make available the accessories and assembly for Neuropixels 2.0, including the probe holder/mounting rod, dovetail mount, rod adapter, and assembly instructions. Pdf and CAD files are included for convenience.


The Neuropixels Probe Mount for the prototype 3A and production 3B probe designs for Neuropixels 1.0 and the Neuropixels Probe Mount for Neuropixels 2.0 can be obtained for free:

Neuropixels 1.0 prototype (3A) probe mount designs:

Neuropixels 1.0 production (3B) probe mount designs:

Neuropixels 2.0 probe mount designs:

Dovetail mounting and sharpening instructions:

Neuropixel probes are now available in limited quantities from IMEC:

Neuropixels Technology Ready for Release

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Michael Perham
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