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Alignment Tool

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Alignment Tool

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Microscope Breadboard Laser Alignment Tool

The correct positioning of optical elements like lenses, mirrors, and AOTFs in optical systems can often be tedious. However, precise and reproducible alignment tools can simplify the positioning of optical elements tremendously.

The Microscope Breadboard Laser Alignment Tool acts as a ruler with fixed pinholes (Fig. A) at consistent positions from the optical table to guarantee precise and reproducible beam height positioning.  Furthermore, these pinholes are purposefully designed to be co-aligned with the holes in an optical table (Fig. B) to ensure reproducible alignment and registration.

Examples highlighting this tool's use include: (1) the co-alignment of multiple laser beams and (2) the realignment of an optical element that has been replaced in a system. It is crucial to work with fixed and reproducible reference points to simplify these alignment tasks in both cases.


Figure A. Front view. B. Multi-tool beam alignment


  • A simple use for checking and positioning the height of a laser beam. 

  • Designed to work in unison with pre-existing optical tables (precise and reproducible hole registration).

  • Fast, precise, and reproducible beam alignment for the co-alignment of laser beams, for the alignment of optical systems after replacing or inserting optical elements, for fiber coupling, and many more applications if the researcher uses two or more alignment tools.

  • The magnetic base makes the tool stable and allows use on vertical systems.


  • Laser beam alignment in optical systems


Free to make for Non-Profit Research by downloading designs at Flintbox link to the right.
Rights and designs are also available for Commercial License.

For inquiries, please reference:

Tech ID 2021-016

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Use of Alignment Tools
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Mike Perham
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