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Fly Facility

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Support Teams / Fly Facility
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What We Do

The Fly Facility provides support services for researchers working with Drosophila, C. elegans, and Bombus impatiens. Our team provides a range of services including stock maintenance, fly pushing (stock constructions, screens, experimental crosses, or virgin collection), microinjection, shipping and receiving, quarantine, and other custom services.

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2 types of Fly Flipping Robots

  • One includes AI to help check for quantity of flies and eggs per vial
  • Dissection scopes and fluorescent scopes available for lab use



  • Stock maintenance with robots
  • Maximum capacity around 40K unique stocks that we keep in duplicate.
  • Fly Pushing (Stock Constructions; Screening; Experimental Crosses; Virgin Collection, etc)
  • Virginator Distribution
  • Shipping and Receiving Stocks
  • Help with Inventory Management or Label Generation
  • Help with injection – either internally or outsourcing
  • Online ordering system for fly stocks
  • Quarantine / Monitoring of quarantined fly work spaces
  • Custom requests welcome

C. elegans

  • Strain maintenance and inventory database
  • Freezing and thawing strains for storage in -80 and with LN2
  • Microinjection (coming soon)
  • Service will include screening and integration of stocks
  • Worm transfers
  • Worm crosses or screening via phenotype or fluorescence
  • Shipping and Receiving Strains
  • Online ordering system for worm strains (coming soon)
  • Custom requests welcome

Bombus impatiens

  • Colony maintenance (coming soon)
  • Custom requests welcome

FileMaker Database

  • Help setting up a relational database
  • Some basic templates are available
  • Help setting up label generation for your lab




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The Janelia Fly Facility has discarded most Gen1 GAL4 and LexA lines as of the end of 2022. Many of these lines are available from KoreaBloomington, or Vienna stock centers.