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Computation and Theory

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Computation and Theory

Building quantitative understanding of biology and interpreting data at scale.

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We develop machine vision and learning algorithms to analyze and interpret raw data across spatial and temporal scales.

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We develop theoretical frameworks and data-driven computational models to distill general principles that govern how and why biological systems operate the way they do. 

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Working with experimental biologists, we use these computational analyses and theoretical frameworks to design new experiments that refine and test our models, filling in the biggest gaps in our understanding of biological processes.

At Janelia, researchers are developing new technologies that produce incredibly large and complex data sets. The opportunity to deploy such technologies places a premium on new theory, modeling, and analysis tools to appropriately prioritize new experiments and to extract understanding from data. Janelia’s Computation and Theory labs work collaboratively with experimental labs to tackle these challenges.

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05/11/20 |  We are excited to welcome Carsen Stringer as a Group Leader in Computation and Theory. Learn more about the Stringer lab


09/26/19 |  Are you an early-career scientist with exceptional promise in mathematics, physics, computer science, or engineering? Apply now to our Theory Fellow program.

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Our Work

Microscopy section with computer-shaded cells and elements

Connectivity reconstruction at scale

Janelia scientists are developing computational methods to align, correct, and annotate serial microscopy sections to enable high-quality, automated reconstruction of neural connectivity. 

Raw microscopy image paired with the same section color coded by computer algorithm

Increasing biological understanding

Computer-vision and machine-learning methods enable the analysis of data sets that are too large for manual inspection alone. 

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Open Positions

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“One of our greatest successes is our collaborative culture – how closely integrated Computation and Theory scientists are with other Janelia labs.”
-Kristin Branson

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