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Fabrication Team

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We provide high precision, rapid response, in-house fabrication and technical oversight of outsourcing partners.
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Fabrication Team
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We provide high precision, rapid response, in-house fabrication and technical oversight of outsourcing partners.
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Janelia Experimental Technology's services include machining and fabrication with a team of experienced scientific machinists to provide high precision, rapid response, in-house fabrication to Janelia and visiting researchers. In-house fabrication at Janelia is performed at jET’s machine and fabrication shop which utilizes enhanced computer numerical control (CNC) machinery, wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), and 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping. Janelia Experimental Technology scientific machinists work closely with Janelia and visiting researchers in a collaborative manner for many types of projects including rapid part creation, modifications to existing parts or off-the-shelf components, and high precision fabrication that require specialized techniques.

Additionally, jET maintains a selection of close vendors that are called upon to extend its capabilities and fabrication throughput.  For outsourced parts, jET provides technical management in the form of initial consultation with the researchers, part drawing creation, vendor quoting, technical oversight, and inspection on received parts.  These services refine the researchers' thoughts and visions into custom parts that can be manufactured to further their research.

Janelia Experimental Technology also supports a satellite machine and fabrication shop that is operated by and for the researchers themselves, after they complete a short training course. This "self-service" capability speeds up many smaller tasks. 


Beyond a large selection of basic fabrication tools, jET personnel operate many types of high-performance equipment to support Janelia researchers.

Equipment Manufacturer Usage
5 Axis CNC milling machine Hermle Milling and drilling multiple sides or spatial angles on complex parts in one single set up
Robodrill CNC milling machine Fanuc 3 Axis CNC part production
Wire EDM Agie Charmilles Non-conventional part manufacture by cutting with a fine, energized wire that erodes metal through electrical discharge
Tool room lathe Sharp Manufacturing small round parts
Manual mills (2) Bridgeport Milling parts by conventional methods
Laser cutter Universal Laser Systems Quickly cutting plastic parts
3D Printer Objet Connex 350 3D rapid prototyping of new and experimental designs
Laser welder Laserstar Welding of small parts and instrumentation
CAD-CAM software Mastercam and Esprit Complex tool paths from 3D CAD design part files
Bead blast cabinet --- Buffering and sanding for part finishing

Optical comparator, micrometers, calipers and various gages 

various Part inspection and system verification