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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What type of support is available for visitors?
Available resources may include laboratory and office space for the visiting scientist while in residence, access to shared resource labs, funds for supplies, travel to and from Janelia, and on-campus housing.

Do you have a review process in place?
Yes, all proposals submitted to the Visiting Scientist Program go through a review process that can take 4 to 8 weeks. 

How long are the visits?
Various time-sharing arrangements are possible. For example, some visiting scientists work at Janelia full-time while they are on a sabbatical; some make arrangements to spend one week a month at Janelia. The visitor should propose a specific arrangement as part of the proposal. Arrangements extending beyond one year are reviewed on an annual basis.

Can visitors bring their family to Janelia during their visit(s)?
On-campus housing at Janelia is for visitors only, and therefore we cannot accommodate their extended family.  We will be happy, however, to provide visitors with information on nearby housing.

Can non-U.S. citizens apply to the program?

Will visitors need to get their own visa?
Non-U.S. citizens will need an appropriate visa (for example, J-1) to work at Janelia.  The Visiting Scientist Program, in conjunction with the HHMI visa office, works with potential non-U.S. citizen visitors to provide the necessary paperwork to apply for a visa.  Visitors on the visa waiver program or on a tourist visa will not be able to perform work at Janelia.

Are there any consulate fees when applying for a visa?
Visitors must pay a mandatory fee of $180 when applying for a J-1 visa. 

Can non-U.S. citizens enrolled in a U.S. institution participate in the Janelia Visiting Scientist Program?
Yes. However, since another U.S. institution is sponsoring their visas, visitors will need to work with their home institution to get authorization to work at Janelia.  Each institution has its own regulations and policies; visitors should contact the international office at their home institution to find out how to proceed.