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Dominika Braverman

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I began my career as a computational linguist and lexicographer, working for Systran, machine translation company in San Diego, CA.  After some time, I left the field to pursue a career in higher education administration.

Prior to joining Janelia, I worked as Associate to the Dean at a university where I ensured compliance with various accreditation agencies, negotiated collaboration agreements with universities abroad, and organized various events for faculty and students.

I joined Janelia in 2012 as a Sr. Science Program Coordinator.

I support several programs: the Visiting Scientists Program, Scientific Recruiting & Training Programs, the Conference Program, and I also manage the Director’s Seminar Series.  In my role, I organize seminars, conferences, visits by recruiting candidates and visiting scientists. Janelia has a very vibrant Visiting Scientist Program with over 100 visiting scientists from over 20 countries. I find it so rewarding and exciting to meet and interact with scientists from many different countries and fields.