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Viñoly Sketches

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Architect Rafael Viñoly depicted his vision for Janelia Research Campus in his hand-drawn and painted watercolor sketches.
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In the proposed designs for Janelia Research Campus, architect Rafael Viñoly envisioned a complex of buildings that would blend into the natural surroundings, as seen in his hand-drawn and painted watercolor sketches. A native of Uruguay, Viñoly founded his eponymous, New York–based firm in 1983, and now has offices worldwide. According to the firm’s website, its practice considers design an integrated field in which pragmatic elements such as function, engineering, and cultural impact are equally evaluated and addressed.

Part design brainstorming, part rapid prototyping, Viñoly’s sketches reveal alternate views of Janelia, containing features that were never implemented in the final design. Viñoly and his team worked closely with HHMI architect Bob McGhee, Gerry Rubin, and others to refine and implement the campus design. As a result, the planning for both the scientific program and the campus facilities was intertwined, with each part overlapping and influencing the other, to achieve Janelia’s central objectives: collaboration and flexibility.