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Janelia Sets Direction for its Second Research Area

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10/19/20 | Janelia Sets Direction for its Second Research Area

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Your body is composed of nearly 40 trillion cells. These numerous and diverse cells interact in an intricate network that forms the foundation of your organs and allows your body to adapt to internal or external changes. We want to know how it all works by peering into this hidden world of cells and molecules.

Janelia’s next 15-year research area will be 4D Cellular Physiology. Our goal will be to understand how cells are structured and how they interact in native tissue environments. To do that, we will work at the juncture of three classic fields – cell biology, physiology, and anatomy – using cutting-edge tools, techniques, and approaches to solve long-standing biological questions. We believe Janelia is uniquely positioned at this interface to make discoveries, develop tools, and generate scientific knowledge that benefits us all.

What important questions should we be asking? What technical barriers can we unlock to catalyze scientific progress? Over the coming year, we will hold a series of virtual workshops with scientists within and beyond HHMI’s Janelia community to address these and other questions. We will share additional information about the workshops soon.

Janelia’s Ron Vale, Nelson Spruston, and Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz will lead the workshops and a later recruitment effort, which we anticipate will start at the end of 2021.

4D Cellular Physiology will join Janelia’s current 15-year research focus, Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience, and ongoing core research programs in Molecular Tools and Imaging and Computation and Theory.