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Profiles of Featured AIC Alumni

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Profiles of Featured AIC Alumni
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Lakshmi Balagopalan

The AIC's lattice light sheet microscope helped researcher Lakshmi Balagopalan observe how microclusters form in the membrane of a T cell as it engages with a foreign cell.


Alexander Bershadsky

Alexander Bershadsky used the AIC's structured illumination microscope to visualize the way myosin structures self-organize inside cells.


Smadar Ben Tabou de Leon

Using the AIC’s lattice light sheet microscope, researcher Smadar Ben Tabou de Leon was able to watch sea urchin larvae skeletons grow in real time.


Vladimir Gelfand

Cell biologist Vladimir Gelfand could finally observe the dynamic changes in the intermediate filaments within a live cell with help from Janelia's AIC team.


Johanna Ivaska

Researcher Johanna Ivaska's team used the AIC's iPALM to look at unusual stem cell adhesions.


Benjamin Kile

Janelia's AIC team helped Benjamin Kile use the lattice light sheet microscope to observe apoptotic immune response within a dying cell.


Dylan Owen

Dylan Owen's team used the AIC's structured illumination microscope to track individual molecules moving across the membranes of attacking immune cells.


George Spirou

The AIC's lattice light sheet microscope allowed neuroscientist George Spirou to watch neurons develop in real time in the brain of a mouse pup.


Brian Stramer

With the help of Janelia’s AIC team, researcher Brian Stramer could watch immune cells in action as they helped shape a developing fly embryo.


Sin Urban

During his visit to Janelia's AIC, molecular biologist Sin Urban was finally able to see rhomboid proteases at work within living cells.