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Mouse Headplates and Holder for Imaging and Electrophysiology

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Mouse Headplates and Holder for Imaging and Electrophysiology

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Headposts and Holders Description

These head plates have been used extensively in the Svoboda lab for in vivo imaging of the barrel cortex and other cortical areas (e.g., Huber et al., 2012). 
With this drawing, the end-user can have the Barrel Ctx Plate (Sloped Left) Head post (developed in the Svoboda Lab) machined at any respectable job shop. 

The Barrel Ctx Plate (Sloped Left) Head post, Head post with three epoxy holes, mounting arms, holders, and assembly by HHMI Janelia Research Campus (Karel Svoboda Lab) are licensed under free, non-commercial terms. 


Free to make for Non-Profit Research by downloading designs at Flintbox link to the right.

Rights and designs available for Commercial License.

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2015-005

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Michael Perham
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