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Quick-Mount Slide Holder, Fixed Positioning

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Quick-Mount Slide Holder, Fixed Positioning

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Holds Slides Securely for Oil Immersion and other Microscopy

Repeatable microscope observations at high magnification and resolution are difficult when using current slide holders for oil immersion due to the objective, oil, and slide movement on the microscope stage. Therefore, a unique microscope slide holder was designed to hold slides securely for oil immersion microscopy and other microscope systems that require a fixed slide position.

The optimized slide holder has a unique sliding clamp mechanism that enables easy installation and mounting of the glass microscope slide to the stage.  The sliding clamp is held into position via a compression spring.  Due to the angle at which the clamp applies pressure, the glass slide is forced into a repeatable position. In addition, unloading is as easy as sliding the clamp out of the way and removing the glass slide.

Keeping the clamp on the handling end of the microscope slide has maximized the available surface area on the slide.  Thus, the objectives are free to move over a large portion of the slide. In addition, the slide position is repeatable, and specimen location can be referenced even after taking the slide out of the holder and then replacing it.

The current slide holder is designed with a single slide mechanism, but modification to add space for more slides is possible.


  • Adaptable for use with a wide range of microscopes
  • Tools are not required in using the slide holder
  • researchers can also use it for regular microscopy without the need to switch out stages/holders


  • Researchers can use it with all oil immersion microscopy and any other microscopy in which the objective is in contact with the slide.
  • Useful in current and emerging high resolution and high magnification imaging technologies, as well as high throughput software enhancements requiring tissue coordinate stability


Free to make for Non-Profit Research by downloading designs at Flintbox link at the right.

Rights and designs available for Commercial License.

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2012-004

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Holds slides securely for oil immersion and other microscopy. Adaptable, modifiable, easy-to-use.
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Michael Perham
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