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Rodent Cage Divider

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Rodent Cage Divider

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Description and offer

These cage dividers were developed at HHMI Janelia Research Campus for rodent management. Researchers can use the designs for free to replicate the dividers via the link at the right. Janelia is unable to provide the hardware itself. 

Parts for the Rodent Cage Dividers were manufactured at Electric Metal Fab. The necessary o-rings can be obtained from McMaster-Carr:P/N:

  • 9396K29
  • Description: Super-Resilient High-Temperature Silicone O-Ring, 3/32 Fractional Width, Dash Number 116


Designs are free for non-profit research at the Flintbox link on the right.

Commercial licenses are also available. Please contact

For inquiries, please reference:


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Cage Divider
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Michael Perham
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