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Stainless Steel Rodent Feeder Bowl

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Stainless Steel Rodent Feeder Bowl

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About the Innovation

The designed rodent watering/feeder dish allows for rapid confirmation of oral administration in various matrices and eliminates the need for the unpredictable gavage procedure. The dish is fabricated using 20 gauge stainless steel. In addition, the stainless steel goes through an electropolishing and passivation process to ensure the surface has smooth edges, is corrosion-resistant, is free of contaminants, and is easy to clean. The dish allows mixing drugs directly to any available food matrix (such as peanut butter, yogurt, or cheese) and allows visual confirmation of drug uptake by animals.  It also allows for administering a defined volume of water (up to 3ml) for water-restricted behavior animals.

The use of the rodent watering/feeder dish results in animals adapting to the feeder bowl quickly and effortlessly. The watering/feeder dish is designed to accommodate multiple types and various numbers of rodents in a cage. In addition, the watering/feeder dish is designed to fit 75 sq in standard rodent “shoebox” cages. Furthermore, the feeder system could be fabricated easily and cost-effectively by metal fabricators.


  • Allows oral administration of drugs or other active ingredients in an efficient manner
  • It prevents the necessity of using gavage procedures that require special animal handling skills and is time-consuming.
  • Allows confirmation of drug or water intake by animals
  • Improves sanitation and maintenance due to the fabrication with durable materials that resist wearing from daily usage


  • Drug or active ingredient administration in rodent research studies
  • Supplemental water administration for water restricted behavior studies


Free to make for Non-Profit Research by downloading designs at Flintbox link to the right.

Rights and designs available for Commercial License.

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2012-024

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Michael Perham
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