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HHMI Silicon Probe Extracellular Recording System

Researchers at the Janelia Research Campus have developed a cutting-edge electrophysiology data acquisition tool for recording signals from high-density silicon probes.  WHISPER is a cost-effective, modular, high channel count recording system to make chronic and acute extracellular measurements from the brains of awake and behaving animals, including mice, rats, drosophila, and zebrafish.

More detail about the system can be found at the Harris lab site.


  • Compatible with HHMI / Janelia or high site count chronic / acute commercial silicon probes
  • Complimentary to IMEC / Neuropixels probes
  • Open-source hardware & software
  • PC-based data acquisition system
  • Simultaneous recording from 256 channels @ 25 kHz per channel (Expandable to 512 channels using a 2nd system)
  • Low input-referred noise
  • Cost-effective


  • Extracellular electrophysiology for freely-moving and head-fixed rodents and other model organisms
  • Low-level multi-channel signal amplification, conditioning, and data acquisition


Designs are available for free for non-profit research at the Flintbox link on the right.

Also, commercial licenses are available. Please contact

Please reference Janelia Tech ID:


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Michael Perham
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