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Our Research / Opportunity

HHMI is hosting an open, international competition to decide Janelia’s next research area. If you have a big idea that addresses a major unsolved problem in the life sciences, submit a proposal to lead our next research program.
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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is pleased to announce an international search for a scientist, or team of scientists, to lead a new research area at its Janelia Research Campus. We are looking for scientists with vision to develop a research program that addresses major unsolved problems in the life sciences. We welcome proposals from any scientific discipline relevant to the life sciences, from those that tackle broad and significant unanswered questions to those that develop breakthrough tools and technologies. The proposed research area should be one that is not easily pursued with traditional funding to individuals or teams and requires a cross-disciplinary environment in which technology developers and theorists collaborate with life scientists to overcome major conceptual and technological barriers.

Structure of the new research area team

The selected applicant will recruit and lead a research team that includes independent laboratories led by

  • up to four additional senior group leaders and
  • approximately 10 early career group leaders,

all located at Janelia’s Ashburn, Virginia campus.

The chosen research area will be supported for 15 years, with an estimated total budget of roughly $250 million.

Research environment

The Janelia research environment consists of small science teams grouped into research areas, tool development and theory, project teams, and shared resources. Collaboration across these groups allows Janelia scientists to tackle big conceptual and technological challenges in life science research while being bolstered by support teams embedded in the Janelia research community. Together, our laboratories, project teams, and shared resources have built microscopes, dyes, sensors, genetic reagents, computational tools, and anatomical data sets that scientists worldwide now use. This work, and the scientific interactions that emerge from it, are the heart of Janelia.