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Carsen Stringer

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Carsen Stringer is a group leader at HHMI Janelia Research Campus. Her lab develops algorithms for understanding large-scale neural activity. In addition, the lab works on general segmentation algorithms for cellular data, which enable fast and accurate processing of ~50,000 neuron recordings.

Carsen did her PhD work at University College London on computational neuroscience with Kenneth Harris and Matteo Carandini, and her postdoc at Janelia with Marius Pachitariu.

If interested, check out this longer biography written by Daniela Cassataro for Stories of Women in Neuroscience (includes a podcast version). I also talk about past and current work in this podcast with Paul Middlebrooks.

Media Coverage

High precision coding: How the visual cortex processes information about the world, Scientifica

New tool maps boundaries of diverse cells in microscope images, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Python power-up: new image tool visualizes complex data, Nature

A Power Law Keeps the Brain’s Perceptions Balanced, Quanta magazine

Power Law Discovery May Explain Why You Can See the Forest and the Trees, Simons Foundation

‘Noise’ in the Brain Encodes Surprisingly Important Signals, Quanta magazine

Thinking on the Go: Why Does the Whole Brain Light Up for Just the Smallest Movements?, Simons Foundation

profile + podcast, Stories of Women in Neuroscience (WIN) by Daniela Cassataro

Understanding 40,000 neurons, Brain Inspired podcast by Paul Middlebrooks


See my CV for links to youtube talks (in Invited/Accepted talks section).



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PhD, Computational neuroscience, University College London
B.Sc., Applied Mathematics and Physics, University of Pittsburgh