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Gowan Tervo

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Gowan Tervo is a lab head and MCN Principal Scientist. As a graduate student, he worked with Karel Svoboda at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. As a PostDoc and Research Scientist, he worked with Alla Karpova at Janelia Research Campus. He has a long-term interest in understanding how the brain implements social behavior and has invested in the development of methods and tools to enable such research.

I was raised in Canada and as a teenager, I moved to England and spent my undergraduate years at Oxford University thinking mostly about ethics and physiology. I then did my PhD at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, working on building molecular tools for neuroscience. I am currently interested in how rodents learn and act. I am pursuing this interest by investigating the role of the medial prefrontal cortex in a behavioral task in which rats compete against a computer opponent. This allows me to examine how rodents learn in an adaptive environment. My long term goal is to understand this in the context of social interaction.