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Jonathan Marvin

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BS from Cornell  1991-1995 (Biochemistry & Chemistry) PhD from Duke 1995-2001 (Computational Protein Engineering)Postdoc at Genentech 2001-2004 (Antibody Engineering by Phage Display and Computational PE)Senior Scientist at ImClone 2004-2006 (Antibody Engineering & Discovery)Senior Scientist at Janelia since 2006 (Biosensor design). Making intensity-based fluorescent biosensors from GFP and periplasmic binding proteins. When these proteins bind their small molecule ligand (maltose, glutamate, etc.), fluorescence increases by about 5-fold. We are making sensors for other neurotransmitters by using periplasmic binding proteins that already have the desired specificity and by designing new periplasmic binding proteins to accommodate ligands for which natural binding proteins do not exist. I use both computational protein design and library-based protein design (phage display and high throughout screening).