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Michael Innerberger

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Michael Innerberger is currently a Software Engineer in the Scientific Computing Software team at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus, where he works on image reconstruction and analysis of large-scale microscopy datasets.

While his undergraduate studies in mathematics provided Michael with the abstract problem solving skills necessary in modern science, he soon craved actual problems to solve. This led him to pursue another undergraduate degree in physics and to focus his further mathematical studies in a particular field of applied mathematics: analysis and numerical simulation of partial differential equations.

During his PhD in this field with Prof. Dirk Praetorius at TU Wien, Michael concentrated on the simulation aspect and became ardently passionate about writing maintainable and efficient numerical software; an interest that already kindled in previous research internships at the Austrian Institute of Technology and the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. As Software Engineer, Michael gets to tackle a wide variety of problems arising from experimental data to test and further refine his skills.

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PhD, Technical Mathematics, TU Wien Austria
MSc, Technical Mathematics, TU Wien Austria
BSc, Technical Physics, TU Wien Austria
BSc, Technical Mathematics, TU Wien Austria