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Valentina Gandin

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Valentina’s main interest is to understand how gene expression is regulated to preserve cellular and tissue homeostasis. Her research uses molecular biology, biochemistry, and microscopy to study how subsets of genes are differentially expressed in response to extracellular and intracellular stimuli to fine-tune cellular functions.

Valentina dedicated most of her research studying regulation of mRNA translation in normal and cancer cells. After obtaining her PhD at the University of Milan, Italy, Valentina was awarded with an EMBO fellowship to pursue post-doctoral research at McGill University, Canada. In 2017, Valentina joined Janelia. With Rob Singer and collaborators, she implemented a system to monitor the dynamic regulation of mRNA translation in living cells with single molecule resolution. In 2022, Valentina joined the Liu Lab to study how nuclear and chromatin organizations coordinate gene co-activation to control cell differentiation. To address this question, she is currently developing spatial multiomics imaging tools to investigate sub-cellular localization of RNA and protein molecules in large tissue specimens.