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Progress in Imaging and Sample Preparation

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Progress in Imaging and Sample Preparation
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  • We improved the quality of specimen preparation for imaging providing good contrast for both membrane and chemical synapse identification on whole fly-brain samples.
  • We dramatically increased the reliability of FIB-SEM imaging to the point where large samples are routinely imaged without loss.
  • Using this more reliable FIB-SEM, we imaged several other samples of biologically interesting regions of increasingly larger size. These include samples including antenna lobes, a sample including portions of the medulla, lobula, and lobular plate, mushroom bodies, and many samples to test new staining and preparation methods.
  • We developed the hot-knife technique to allow us to image larger volumes than possible by FIB alone.  Current results indicate that comprehensive tracing is still possible when using this technique.
  • We acquired and used an Xradia CT unit to test preparation, verify samples, and aid in targeting selected regions within samples.