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1 Janelia Publications

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    Egnor Lab
    01/11/16 | The contribution of ultrasonic vocalizations to mouse courtship.
    Egnor SR, Seagraves KM
    Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 2016 Jan 11;38:1-5. doi: 10.1016/j.conb.2015.12.009

    Vocalizations transmit information to social partners, and mice use these signals to exchange information during courtship. Ultrasonic vocalizations from adult males are tightly associated with their interactions with females, and vary as a function of male quality. Work in the last decade has established that the spectrotemporal features of male vocalizations are not learned, but that female attention toward specific vocal features is modified by social experience. Additionally, progress has been made on elucidating how mouse vocalizations are encoded in the auditory system, and on the olfactory circuits that trigger their production. Together these findings provide us with important insights into how vocal communication can contribute to social interactions.

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