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Drosophila Resources

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Support Teams / Drosophila Resources
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What We Do

The Drosophila Resources team provides professional care, maintenance, and organization for Janelia's fly resources. Through a combination of a knowledgeable staff and automation, we build and maintain Drosophila stocks and offer expert advice, transgenic line production, and genetic and quarantine services.


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  • Three stock-changing robots: 
    • Run 12 hours a day with a maximum capacity of 40,000 stocks
    • Can change 5,000 stocks per day, send an email if there’s a problem and make duplicate copies of the stock without changing database.


Our expert staff will keep stocks and maintain fly repositories. They also will: 

  • Maintain 40,000 stocks in duplicate, on a four-week cycle, at 18 degrees C, with copies being two weeks apart in age
  • Protect stocks by allowing access to only fly facility personnel
  • Outsource transgenic work to various companies using the Phi C31 integrase system
  • Monitor lab areas for stocks in need of maintenance
  • Import and export fly stocks
  • Quarantine all stocks that come to Janelia​
  • Set up crosses, perform stock constructions and recombinations 
  • Help with stock lists and labels



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Attention Researchers


Over the next year, the Janelia Fly Facility will be discarding about 10,000 stocks from our collection. The first two groups are Generation 1 GAL4 and LexA lines. 

Place your orders by November 15 

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