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Light Microscopy

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The Light Microscopy Facility advances research by supporting robust solutions for optical microscopy.
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Who We Are

The Light Microscopy facility is a fully-supported, shared-use environment for Janelia scientists. It is equipped with performant optical imaging technologies and image processing software. Janelia scientists may contact us to discuss how our technologies can be applied to their research.

What We Do

The Light Microscopy facility helps Janelia scientists apply advanced imaging technologies to their biological research through project-specific training and consultation. Please read on to find out more about our capabilitiesinstruments, and software, or to learn about how our microscopes work. We periodically offer in-depth workshops on microscopy theory, technique, and image processing.

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Advanced Imaging Center: Accessing Janelia’s Cutting-edge Microscopes

While the Light Microscopy facility is an internal resource for Janelia scientists, the Advanced Imaging Center gives access to exterior scientific community to Janelia’s cutting-edge microscopes, at no cost. For further information, please contact Teng-Leong Chew (Director of Light Microscopy Facility and Advanced Imaging Center.

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Coming Soon

The capabilities of the Light Microscopy facility will be expanding:

  • An upright Zeiss LSM 880 NLO will replace the present 710 NLO.
  • We have acquired a Zeiss Light Sheet Z1.
  • Two custom Lattice Light Sheet Microscopes are being built.