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Media Prep

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Support Teams / Media Prep
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What We Do

The Media Prep Facility feeds Janelia research. Experienced staff provide a consistent supply of quality-assured media and reagents, and a wide variety of fly food products, to support laboratories and team projects. We customize formulations and protocols to precisely fit the needs of Janelia research.

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A majority of the Facility's work involves fly food, but we also provide bacterial and other media products to all of Janelia. The Facility fulfills and delivers orders to the labs quickly. Because commercially-available media products are available in the Janelia stockroom, the Media Facility has flexibility to produce individualized products that are not commercially available.


Fly food – cornmeal based, dextrose based, Wurzburg formula based, and Power Food

  • Vials and bottles
  • With additives (i.e., retinal, G418)
  • 12-well plates
  • 100-mm plates
  • 60-mm plates
  • Small culture tubes
  • Deep well block plates
  • Trikinetic tubes
  • Grape juice plates

Bacterial plates

The Media Prep Facility provides researchers with all types of bacterial plates. There are bench-top sterilizers and automated plate pourers that are capable of making up to 9 liters of media that can be dispensed into either 100 mm or 60mm plates .

Standard Lambda plates and the following antibiotic plates are made routinely

  • Ampicillin 60 μg/ml
  • Chloramphenicol 30 μg/ml
  • Kanamycin 50 μg/ml
  • Tetracycline 15 μg/ml
  • Carbenicillin 50 μg/ml

Bacterial media

  • 2xYT
  • ZY
  • Sterile Eppendorff tubes
  • Culture tubes
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