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Molecular Biology

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Support Teams / Molecular Biology
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What We Do

Our Molecular Biology facility provides reliable services and expert assistance for routine and specialized molecular biology techniques. Critical to this effort are a passion for science, willingness to master new technologies, effective problem solving, and consistency in performance. We combine these elements with a customer-centric approach for scientific support to accelerate the discovery process.


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  • MX 3005P real-time PCR instrument
  • Qiacube robot


Vector Construction

Cloning and vector construction services that encompass design, production, and validation of custom vectors are available. The staff can work with you to design a strategy or carry out your cloning plan. We maintain a library of commonly used backbones and plasmid elements for applications that include virus production, protein expression, and fluorescent protein tagging. The staff is experienced in a variety of cloning techniques as well as modifying inserts using site-directed mutagenesis. We can also acquire vectors from outside sources and manage the outsourcing of vector construction projects to service providers.    

Nucleic Acid Isolation and Preparation

Plasmid DNA preps of all scales including endotoxin-free DNA preps are available. The facility can also provide post-purification services, such as restriction enzyme analysis, sequencing, and purification of inserts for cloning. We can also prepare in-vitro transcribed RNA for use in microinjection or in-situ hybridization applications.

Gene Expression and Quantitation services

The facility maintains a MX3005P real-time PCR instrument for quantitative expression analysis. The staff can also design and synthesis probes to validate expression patterns using in-situ hybridization.


Verification of transgenes through PCR based genotyping and sequencing is available. 

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