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Jayaraman Lab / Software & Tools
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Software & Tools
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FlyFizz is an evolving webspace dedicated to enabling the exchange of information relating to one growing subfield of Drosophila brain physiology: understanding how neural circuits generate behavior by applying electrophysiological and optical imaging techniques, particularly in behaving flies. We hope this space will become a repository for supplemental information regarding published techniques, as well as a community forum for discussion, software distribution and job postings.

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Frank Midgley (Janelia Scientific Computing) worked with Vivek Jayaraman, Mitya Chklovskii and others at Janelia on this freely available software tool for neural circuit visualization. It allows users to dynamically represent connectivity and information flow at different levels of a nervous system, and can also serve as a front-end for storage of other types of data (e.g., physiological or anatomical).