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    02/10/15 | A sensitive and robust enzyme kinetic experiment using microplates and fluorogenic ester substrates
    Johnson RJ, Hoops GC, Savas CJ, Kartje Z, Lavis LD
    Journal of Chemical Education. 2015 Feb;92(2):385-8. doi: 10.1021/ed500452f

    Enzyme kinetics measurements are a standard component of undergraduate biochemistry laboratories. The combination of serine hydrolases and fluorogenic enzyme substrates provides a rapid, sensitive, and general method for measuring enzyme kinetics in an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory. In this method, the kinetic activity of multiple protein variants is determined in parallel using a microplate reader, multichannel pipets, serial dilutions, and fluorogenic ester substrates. The utility of this methodology is illustrated by the measurement of differential enzyme activity in microplate volumes in triplicate with small protein samples and low activity enzyme variants. Enzyme kinetic measurements using fluorogenic substrates are, thus, adaptable for use with student-purified enzyme variants and for comparative enzyme kinetics studies. The rapid setup and analysis of these kinetic experiments not only provides advanced undergraduates with experience in a fundamental biochemical technique, but also provides the adaptability for use in inquiry-based laboratories.

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