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Liu Lab

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Research Overview
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The general research philosophy:

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New frontier: Our lab leverages a combination of advanced imaging, labeling and genetic tools to quantitatively dissect structure-function relationships for membrane localized proteins (e.g. ion channels, receptors and GPCRs) in single neuron units. With our collaborators on campus, we aim to decipher the molecular basis underlying cell physiology in the brain.

Tradition: As a long-standing research direction in the lab, we undertake a quantitative analysis of gene regulatory mechanisms at the single-cell, single-molecule level to discover how stereotypical gene control during normal development as well as altered states in diseases emerge from seemingly stochastic molecular transactions. Specifically, we aim to decode functional links between genome organization, TF dynamics and transcription.

Risk-taking:  We encourage lab members to explore their own ideas and turn their side projects into vertical breakthroughs in science.  

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"Function follows form

at present while form

follows function in


- my take