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Chamber and seals for multi-view microscopy

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Chamber and seals for multi-view microscopy

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Sample chamber originally designed for SiMView

The temperature- and atmosphere-regulated sample chamber designed for the SiMView microscope developed in the Keller Lab is a substantial achievement in addition to the overall microscope innovation. Made to hold a specimen for four objectives, it can be replicated and modified for use with the SiMView microscope, for which designs are also available to researchers, or with other multi-view, multi-objective microscopes.

The chamber was designed to help sustain and image normal mouse embryonic development at high resolution over a period of days, as reported in Cell (In toto imaging and reconstruction of post-implantation mouse development at the single-cell level, McDole et al.), complete with information on the improved SiMView Microscope used in that study.


Designs for the chamber and seals are provided at Flintbox for free under an open-source non-commercial hardware license. The designs include:

  • Chamber
  • Illumination Seal (Nikon 10X, but also works with custom SO objective)
  • Imaging (Detection) Seal Ring
  • Illumination Seal Ring
  • Imaging (Detection) Seal (Nikon 16X)

Commercial licenses for the Chamber and the SiMView microscope are also available. Please contact


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Michael Perham
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