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Color-Depth MIP

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Color-Depth MIP

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Color-depth Maximum Intensity Projection files for GAL4 and Split GAL4 fly lines

​Which GAL4 patterns are likely to yield useful genetic intersections that target your neurons of interest? Janelia researchers from the Scientific Computing Support Team, using images generated by the FlyLight Project Team, developed a method to improve the speed of querying large databases of fly lines to intersect. The Color-depth Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) release includes a precomputed dataset of the expression patterns of both the First-generation Janelia GAL4  and VT collections and a software plug-in for FIJI to search for neurons of interest quickly.  

Click the link to the right to access the color depth MIP files, FIJI plug-in for mask searching, and tools to generate color depth MIPs. In addition, four data files are available for the first-generation GAL4 brain, VNC, LexA brain, and VNCs. Details are available through our bioRxiv publication Otsuna et al., 2018.

Over 7,200 split-GAL4 hemidrivers are available from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.

Terms of use
FlyLight Project Team generated all images at the Janelia Research Campus. In publications, please acknowledge Janelia Research Campus, the FlyLight Project team, and cite the bioRxiv research paper, Otsuna et al., (2018), for the color depth MIP datasets and search tools. Please also acknowledge Dionne et al. (2018) for Janelia hemidrivers and Tirian and Dickson (2017) for the VT hemidrivers.

This is an active software development project and will continue to evolve. We will attempt to notify registered users of updates in the data sets and significant fixes to the code base.  Please send suggestions or bugs to

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Hideo Otsuna
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