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Fiji Cell Counter

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Fiji Cell Counter

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About the Innovation

A structured process for the manual count of particles (e.g., cell bodies) in 2D and 3D images of any kind with a graphical mark-up in the image. For flexibility reasons, this tool was implemented as a macro-set for fiji/ImageJ (version 1.47h).

For installation:

  • Download and decompress the file behind the download link below,
  • Copy the result into the 'macros' folder of your fiji/ImageJ,
  • Restart fiji/imageJ,
  • Install tool into fiji/imageJ from the menu: Plugins>Macros>Install...

Successful installation will generate two new buttons ('RGB' and '?') in fiji/imageJ.
The '?' button will display more help on the function of the tool.

Related Links:

By clicking on the links on the right of the page, to download the software, you agree to the terms of the Janelia Open-Source Software License linked here.

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2013-039

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Michael Perham
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