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Dewar Dryer

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Dewar Dryer

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Apparatus Designed to Warm and Dry Dewar Flasks

Dewar flasks are designed as insulating vessels and are primarily used for cryogenic applications.  A Dewar flask actually consists of two flasks placed one within the other, joined at the top or neck of the flasks.  The space or gap between the two flasks consists of a near-vacuum and functions to prevent heat transfer, insulating the inner flask.  Dewar flasks are generally used in research laboratory applications to hold liquefied gases for flash freezing samples.

Consistent and efficient drying of Dewar flasks is important to ensure desirable conditions before using liquefied gases or other liquids.  Researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus have designed and developed an efficient  Dewar dryer system.  The system can warm and dry two four-liter cryogenic Dewar flasks used to prepare flash-frozen samples within minutes.

The system utilizes compressed air from a standard laboratory supply line.  The compressed air blows through a stainless steel pipe with a cartridge heater into each Dewar flask.  Users can control the system's airflow through the use of a valve on the front panel of the system.  The heater's temperature is monitored using a J-type thermocouple and is controlled by a 1/32 DIN format temperature controller.  The controller is programmed for a slow rise in temperature to preset values, keeps the temperature stable for 30 minutes, and then turns the heater off.


  • Enables consistent fast drying of Dewar flasks
  • A semi-automatic system eliminates the necessity of manual labor in warming and drying Dewar flasks.
  • Designed for safe use with a switch turning the heater off when a Dewar flask is not detected in the system
  • Constructed from standard components that Builders can easily procure


  • Basic life science research, including cryogenic research
  • Users could also apply it to the food and beverage industries where Dewar flasks are used in various processes


Free to make for Non-Profit Research by downloading designs at Flintbox link (to the right).

Rights and designs available for Commercial License.

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2014-025

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Apparatus Designed to Warm and Dry
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Michael Perham
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