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jGCaMP8 Calcium indicators

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jGCaMP8 Calcium indicators

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New genetically encoded indicators for measuring fast Calcium transients in vitro and in vivo

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The Looger Lab and the GENIE Project Team at HHMI Janelia have developed a new suite of jGCaMP8 Calcium indicators, built upon the successful GCaMP6 and jGCaMP7 scaffolds.  The new jGCaMP8 sensors have fast kinetics and high sensitivity, suitable for in vivo imaging. Responses of the new sensors to field stimulation in cultured neurons are shown on the right. The sensors are:

  • jGCaMP8f (fast): 4x faster rise time, 2.5x faster decay time than jGCaMP7f
  • jGCaMP8m (medium): almost 4x faster rise time and 3.5x more sensitive than jGCaMP7f
  • jGCaMP8s (sensitive): 2x more sensitive than jGCaMP7s, >2x faster than jGCaMP7f (at 1 AP)
  • jGCaMP8.455, .543, .707, 712: fast and exhibit various promising characteristics for in vivo imaging. They are under examination currently.


  • Allow imaging cell activity long-term and in vivo, unlike calcium dyes that are toxic to the cell.
  • Useful for genetically targeting expression


  • Neuroscience research using in vitro or in vivo models
  • Long-term functional imaging of neuronal activity and correlation with animal behavior
  • Screening for G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) or ion channel agonists and antagonists
  • Cell, drosophila, zebrafish, mouse, and rat assays made possible through a multitude of variants and useful for imaging methods

Additional Information:


Non-profit researchers can obtain jGCaMP8 variants at Addgene.

The reagents are also available for commercial license (internal use or commercial sale) by contacting Download our GCaMP Commercial Catalog!


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jGCaMP8 before and after illumination
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Mike Perham
Director, Innovations and External Relations
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