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MicroED Stage Controller

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MicroED Stage Controller

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About the Innovation

MicroED is a recently developed method from the Gonen lab, which allows collecting high-resolution electron diffraction data from tiny protein microcrystals using an electron cryo-microscope (cryo-EM).

For MicroED, the standard transmission electron microscopy (TEM) equipment is used with one modification: a constant rotation-controlling device, the MicroED Stage Controller.

The normal operating control on TEM equipment uses pressure-sensitive resistors to provide manual control. An adapter brings those control signals out to an external enclosure. The operator can operate the system normally by feeding the pressure-sensitive resistor signals back into the increment/decrement circuits or with standard potentiometers switched into the circuit instead of the pressure-sensitive controls. There are separate controls for increment and decrement rates that mimic a constant pressure on the built-in control.


For use specifically in a MicroED experiment using a cryo-EM microscope.


Designs are available for free use for Non-Profit Research at the Flintbox link to the right.

Commercial Licenses are also available.


Shi et al., The collection of MicroED data for macromolecular crystallography Nature Protocols 11, 895–904 (2016)

For inquiries, please reference:

Janelia 2016-023

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Michael Perham
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