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    Powerful Software Tools for Nanometer-Resolution EM Neuro-image Large Stacks' Segmentation Image segmentation, a fundamental problem in computer vision, concerns the division of...
    High-throughput multiview image registration for SiMView microscopy
    High-throughput multiview image registration for SiMView microscopy This archive contains our custom software tools for registration and fusion of simultaneous multi-view (SiMView)...
    Image processing and analysis of whole-brain functional recordings
    Image processing and analysis of whole-brain functional recordings Brain function relies on communication between large populations of neurons across multiple brain areas, a full...
    Janelia Automatic Animal Behavior Annotator (JAABA®) Video of animal movement is a valuable measure of their behavior. However, translating a video into interpretable results if done...
    Lattice Light Deconvolution Software - cudaDeconv
    Software Description This open-source executable code is for post-acquisition deconvolution of data produced by the lattice light-sheet microscope developed by Eric Betzig's group at HHMI'...
    Modular Visual Display System
    About the Innovation This project documents the hardware and software of an updated version of the Panels, a modular display system typically used for insect vision research. This is an...
    Toolkit for graph-based image segmentation and analysis Neuroproof is a suite of software applications focused on electron microscopy image reconstruction.  It also provides an easy-...
    Serial Section Alignment
    Serial Section Alignment Configure Briefly, serial section tomography entails slicing a block of tissue into...
    ShuTu Open-Source Software for Neuron Reconstruction
    ShuTu Configure ShuTu (Chinese for “dendrite”) is a software platform for semi-automated reconstruction of neuronal morphology. It is designed for neurons stained following patch-...
    Microsurgery, Bleaching, Stimulation, and Measurement by way of 3D Image Guidance This new 3D microscopy imaging and post-imaging instrument guidance allows researchers to capture a 3D...