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Zebrafish Variants ZIRC

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Zebrafish Variants ZIRC

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Zebrafish International Resource Center - Janelia Deposits

Researchers at HHMI Janelia Research Campus make popular transgenic zebrafish lines available to the scientific community through the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC).

Including many of the protein sensor variants developed at Janelia, these fish stocks are available for order through the ZIRC website by clicking through the variant described below and ordering from the ZIRC page - note that the ZFIN (The Zebrafish Information Network) page is informational, you may need to search for the Genomic Feature (column 1) directly on the ZIRC portion of the website.

jf1Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf4Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf5Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf7Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf9Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf10Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf14Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf16Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf41Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf92Tg Transgenic Insertion
jf42Tg Transgenic Insertion

Zebrafish available from Janelia Research Campus




Dunn et al., 2016 (eLife)


Dunn et al., 2016 (eLife)


Dunn et al., 2016 (eLife)

Zebrafish available from ZIRC

Jf1 – Tg(elavl3:GCaMP6f)

Place Order

Construct Information

Dunn et al., 2016 (eLife)

Jf4j – Tg(elavl3:GCaPM6s)

Place Order Construct Information

Vladimirov et al., 2014 (Nature Methods)

Jf5 – Tg(elavl3:Has.H2B-GCaMP6s)

Place Order Construct Information

Freeman et al., 2014 (Nature Methods)

Jf7 – Tg(elavl3:H2B-GCaMP6f)

Place Order Construct Information

Dunn et al., 2016 (eLife)

Jf9 – Tg(elavl3:CaMPARI)

Place Order Construct Information

Fosque et al., 2015 (Science)

Jf41Tg - Tg(tph2:epNTR-TagRFPT) Place Order Construct Information Kawashima et al., 2016 (Science)
Jf42Tg - Tg(10xUAS:Voltron) Place Order Construct Information Nomenclature Data Curation 2018
Jf92Tg - Tg(elavl3:CaMPARI2) Place Order Construct Information Moeyaert et al., 2018 (Nature)


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Misha Ahrens
Group Leader
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