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754 People

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Jesse Aaron
Applications Scientist
Jesse Aaron has over 12 years’ experience in microscope design, development, and applications in molecular imaging across a wide range of biological models.  He previously was Senior Engineer...
Laurence Abbott
Senior Fellow
Larry Abbott is the William Bloor Professor of Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University.  He received his PhD in physics from Brandeis University in 1977, and worked in theoretical...
Ahmed Abdelfattah
Postdoctoral Associate
Priyanka Abeyrathne
Research Specialist
Jan Marek Ache
Postdoctoral Associate
David Ackerman
Software Engineer
Sarah-Ann Aelvoet
Lab Coordinator
Bruno Afonso
Research Scientist
Pavan Agrawal
Research Specialist
I am interested in how social stress and drugs of abuse affect the nervous system at molecular levels. I use Drosophila to explore these questions using techniques from Functional...
Misha Ahrens
Group Leader
Misha Ahrens joined Janelia in the fall of 2012, researching systems neuroscience in zebrafish. He completed his BA in mathematics and physics at Cambridge University, and his PhD in computational...