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761 People

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Aaron Greenhaw
Senior Operating Engineer
Aaron Kerlin
Postdoctoral Associate
Aaron Taylor
Advanced Application Scientist
Aaron received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Brown University and has publications in the areas of neuronal cell biology, developmental molecular genetics, and iterative tomographic reconstruction...
Abbas Kazemipour
Research Specialist
Abbas Kazemipour joined Janelia in 2016 as a Research Specialist at Druckmann Lab, where he works on dynamical and statistical modeling of neuronal...
Abel Corver
Research Technician
Adam Hantman
Group Leader
The backstory of my career does not involve a life-changing experience resulting in an obsession with sensory processing or proprioception.  Rather, the underpinning of my scientific...
Adam L. Taylor
Software Engineer
Since coming to Janelia in 2011, Adam has worked on a variety of data acquistion and analysis projects, including Spoke, Motr, Groundswell, JAABA, Muse, DataPro, and now WaveSurfer. Before...
Ahmed Abdelfattah
Postdoctoral Associate
Aidan Smith
Research Technician
Aishwarya Korgaonkar
Postdoctoral Associate