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Action Selection Across the Animal Kingdom

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Action Selection Across the Animal Kingdom

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September 25 - 28, 2016
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This meeting will bring together researchers working on action selection in a range of model organisms, including monkey, mouse, insects, leech and C. elegans. It will include both theorists and experimentalists taking top-down and bottom-up approaches to the problem. Topics will cover computational models, physiological correlates and circuit implementations of action selection in various model systems.

Registration for this meeting is closed.

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Gwyneth Card, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Joshua Dudman, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Marta Zlatic, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Invited Participants
Tiago Branco, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour
Barry Dickson, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Michale Fee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joe Fetcho, Cornell University
Chris Fetsch, Columbia University Medical Center
Charles Gallistel, Rutgers University
Aryn Gittis, Carnegie Mellon University
Sten Grillner, Karolinska Institutet
Jens Herberholz, University of Maryland
Patricia Janak, Johns Hopkins University
William Kristan, University of California, San Diego
Shawn Lockery, University of Oregon
Michael Pankratz, University of Bonn
Tony Prescott, University of Sheffield
Jennifer Raymond, Stanford University
Peter Redgrave, University of Sheffield

Julie Simpson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Wolfgang Stein, Illinois State University
Robert Turner, University of Pittsburgh
Yun Zhang, Harvard University
Manuel Zimmer, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)