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Lavis LD.  2017.  Chemistry is dead. Long live chemistry!. Biochemistry. 56(39):5165-70.
Rhodes JDP, Haarhuis JHI, Grimm JB, Rowland BD, Lavis LD, Nasmyth KA.  2017.  Cohesin can remain associated with chromosomes during DNA replication.. Cell Reports. 20(12):2749-55.
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Zheng Q, Lavis LD.  2017.  Development of photostable fluorophores for molecular imaging.. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology. 39:32-38.
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Grimm JB, Brown TA, Tkachuk AN, Lavis LD.  2017.  General synthetic method for Si-Fluoresceins and Si-Rhodamines.. ACS Central Science. 3(9):975-85.
Tsai A, Muthusamy AK, Alves MRp, Lavis LD, Singer RH, Stern DL, Crocker J.  2017.  Nuclear microenvironments modulate transcription from low-affinity enhancers.. eLife. 6
Presman DM, Ball DA, Paakinaho V, Grimm JB, Lavis LD, Karpova TS, Hager GL.  2017.  Quantifying transcription factor binding dynamics at the single-molecule level in live cells.. Methods (San Diego, Calif.).
Martineau M, Somasundaram A, Grimm JB, Gruber TD, Choquet D, Taraska JW, Lavis LD, Perrais D.  2017.  Semisynthetic fluorescent pH sensors for imaging exocytosis and endocytosis.. Nature Communications. 8(1):1412.
Liu H, Dong P, Ioannou MS, Li L, Shea J, H Pasolli A, Grimm JB, Rivlin PK, Lavis LD, Koyama M et al..  2017.  Stochastic protein labeling enables long-term single molecule observation in vivo.. bioRxiv.
Grimm JB, Brown TA, English BP, Lionnet T, Lavis LD.  2017.  Synthesis of Janelia Fluor HaloTag and SNAP-Tag Ligands and Their Use in Cellular Imaging Experiments.. Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.). 1663:179-188.
Lavis LD.  2017.  Teaching Old Dyes New Tricks: Biological Probes Built from Fluoresceins and Rhodamines.. Annual Review of Biochemistry. 86:825-43.
Gartner ZJ, Prescher JA, Lavis LD.  2017.  Unraveling cell-to-cell signaling networks with chemical biology.. Nature Chemical Biology. 13(6):564-568.
Liu H, Dong P, Ioannou MS, Li L, Shea J, H Pasolli A, Grimm JB, Rivlin PK, Lavis LD, Koyama M et al..  2017.  Visualizing long-term single-molecule dynamics in vivo by stochastic protein labeling.. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 115(2):343-8.