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2 Publications

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    04/30/76 | Dendritic reorganization of an identified motoneuron during metamorphosis of the tobacco hornworm moth.
    Truman JW, Reiss SE
    Science. 1976 Apr 30;192(4238):477-9

    In the tobacco hornworm, many larval motoneurons become respecified and supply new muscles in the adult. Changes in the morphology of one such neuron were examined through metamorphosis. The dendritic pattern of the adult comes about both by outgrowth from the primary and secondary branches of the larval neuron and by the development of new branches that are unique to the adult.

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    Riddiford Lab
    01/15/76 | Hormonal control of insect epidermal cell commitment in vitro.
    Riddiford LM
    Nature. 1976 Jan 15;259(5539):115-7