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Tervo Lab / Positions
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We are currently seeking enthusiastic scientists to join our goal of understanding the neural basis of social cognition. We develop and use cutting-edge behavioral, electrophysiology, viral, neural perturbation, and other methods. Suitable candidates will join a laboratory with projects already underway, extensive collaborations in an environment designed to complement their abilities and strengthen their weaknesses.


We have several advanced projects using novel methods underway that would greatly benefit from a postdoc seeking an understanding of rodent social interaction. Please contact Gowan Tervo directly for more information.

PhD Students

Predoctoral students work at Janelia through a graduate program paired with John Hopkins University neuroscience program. We are seeking highly enthusiastic, hard-working, and intelligent graduate students from all backgrounds. We encourage these students to contact me directly before applying to the doctoral program to determine if the Tervo lab is a good fit for them.

Undergraduate Students

Interested undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to the Tervo lab through the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program. This program recruits highly qualified students from around the world for summer internships.

Visiting Scientists

Janelia offers a visiting scientist program that allows scientists from around the world to work with Tervo lab and others for a year or more. Please contact Gowan Tervo directly for more detail.