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Funke Lab / Open Positions
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Open Positions
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We are looking for new lab members who are excited about the development and application of computer vision and machine learning methods in the context of the life sciences. More specifically, we are interested in topics that facilitate the analysis of large electron and light microscopy dataset. We would love to hear from you, if you are excited about any of the following topics: 

  • Segmentation and Classification of Biological Structures
  • Tracking and Event Detection in 2D and 3D Movies
  • Unsupervised, Weakly-Supervised, and Interactive Learning
  • Explainable AI for Unbiased Machine-Discovery
  • Processing of Very Large Datasets
  • Scientific Software Development for Experimentalists

Recently, Janelia set course for its second research area "4D Cellular Physiology". Our lab has a solid background in the analysis of large neuroscience datasets and we are now looking forward to opening up our work to the broader field of physiology. Future datasets will be diverse and pose new challenges for computational methods: We will collect large, high-resolution electron microscopy datasets of cells in their native tissue environment, together with functional, spatio-temporal light microscopy recordings. Computational methods will be needed to annotate and analyze those datasets, as well as to relate function and structure, to ultimately help turning images into scientific discoveries. We invite you to join us in developing methods that have real-world applications, are necessary to further our understanding of biology, and that have an immediate impact on Janelia's research.

At Janelia, you will have the unique opportunity to join a highly collaborative environment and work together with leading experts in the fields of cell biology, neuroscience, microscopy, biochemistry, machine learning, and computer vision. Several support teams at Janelia (including software engineers in Scientific Computing) are available to help develop your ideas beyond academic proofs of concepts, and turn them into usable tools in the hands of experimentalists.

The two available positions are meant for one junior (at least post-bac) and one senior scientist (post-doc), with some experience (for the junior position) or a strong background (for the senior position) in computer vision, machine learning, or scientific software development. Experiences with large microscopy datasets, deep-learning frameworks, Python, C/C++, or software design are a plus. Excellent communication, collaboration, and organization skills are a prerequisite.

Our lab, and Janelia in general, values a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere as much as our passion for science. Science is a team sport, and we want our team to be as diverse as the questions we work on. We are committed to a culture of inclusion and invite applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Please send your CV or any questions you might have to Jan Funke ( directly if you are interested.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!