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Quick-Mount Slide Holder, Fixed Positioning
Repeatable microscope observations at high magnification and resolution are difficult when using current slide holders for oil immersion due to movement of the objective, oil, and slide on the...
Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus and University of California, Berkeley have developed a powerful new tool for neuroscientists—a viral vector called...
rAAV2-retro: Efficient retrograde access to projection neurons for gene delivery
Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus and University of California, Berkeley have developed a powerful new potential delivery and targeting system for...
Proofreading is the critical process in computer vision by which humans correct superpixel-based segmentation (i.e., image division into meaningful constituent segments).  Proofreaders also...
RCaMP Sensors
Related: see the description of jRCaMP1 here.  A family of genetically encoded calcium indicators (GECIs) from fluorescent proteins other than Aquorea...
Reconstruction of Cell Lineages from Large-Scale Fluorescence Microscopy Data
The comprehensive reconstruction of cell lineages in complex multicellular organisms is a central goal of developmental biology. We present an open-source computational framework for the...
Reconstructions of Aβ(1-40) amyloid fibrils
Abstract Amyloid fibrils characterize a diverse group of human diseases that includes Alzheimer's disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob and type II diabetes. Alzheimer's amyloid fibrils consist of amyloid-...
Rodent In Vivo Electrophysiology Targeting System (RIVETS® and RIVETS 360®)
Recent studies have provided compelling demonstrations that both mice and rats can be trained to perform a variety of behavioral tasks while head restrained. To be effective for research studies,...
Rotavirus Double-Layered Particle CryoEM Images
Publication 2008: Near-atomic resolution using electron cryomicroscopy and single-particle reconstruction Abstract Electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM) yields images of macromolecular...
Rotavirus Triple-Layered Particle CryoEM Images
Publication 2011: Atomic model of an infectious rotavirus particle Abstract Non-enveloped viruses of different types have evolved distinct mechanisms for penetrating a cellular...