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    Dual Lick Port Detector
    The Dual Lick Port Detector board provided here is used to detect a rodent drinking from one of the multiple outlets in a behavior experiment. The dual lick port detects using a small...
    Electrophysiology Probe Gripper
    Electrophysiology, measuring the electrical properties of cells and the nervous system, is a critical experimental technique in neuroscience. The technique's popularity increases as electrode...
    Encoder Interface for Mouse Treadmill
    Designed primarily for use with the rodent treadmill, the Encoder Interface provides an inexpensive and easy-to-build method to connect a quadrature encoder to serial and analog interfaces. The...
    Fly Bowl
    The Fly Bowl behavior quantification system We have developed a high-throughput system for quantifying the locomotion and social behavior of flies with both breadth and...
    Fly Song Recorder
    Many animals rely on acoustic signals to communicate both social and sexual information. The Drosophila melanogaster fly has served as a powerful model system for genetic studies of...
    FlyFizz: Tools to Study Drosophila Brain Physiology
    FlyFizz is an evolving webspace dedicated to enabling the exchange of information relating to one growing subfield of Drosophila brain physiology: understanding how neural circuits generate...
    Four-way Olfactometer Arena for Fruit Flies
    The four-way olfactometer is a structure for fly experimentation, wherein four sectors with different odors are created in a chamber, stimulating and allowing for observation of fly...
    Galvo Driver
    The galvo driver was designed to work with microscopes under development at HHMI Janelia Research Campus. A rack-mount enclosure and self-contained power supply are designed to accommodate one...
    GRIN Lens Holder
    A GRIN lens is a small rod-shaped lens that behaves like a standard lens but has a width of less than 1mm, so it can be inserted into the brain. (1) Implanted gradient index (grin) lenses...
    Head Plate for Mouse Imaging
    Researchers at Janelia have designed an improved head plate for live imaging of a mouse using a downward-facing objective. It is specially designed to work with the 2P-RAM (2-photon random access...