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    Inexpensive Modular Spherical Treadmill
    The authors of “An inexpensive, high-precision, modular spherical treadmill setup optimized for Drosophila experiments” make available here a full design package to...
    Janelia Smart Cage
    Head-fixed behavioral experiments in non-human primates, and more recently, rodents have been the gold standard in exploring the dynamics of the mammalian brain. The combination of precise...
    Large Spherical Treadmill for Rodents
    Recent advances in the use of awake, head-fixed preparation for small rodents (e.g., rats and mice) have led to an array of new interactive tools for studying brain and behavior. Here we present a...
    Low-Friction Rodent-Driven Belt Treadmill
    The treadmill relatively small and inexpensive compared to most existing designs. It is manually driven with a single sensor to track the movement of the belt. Some of the users make use of this...
    Manipulator system for multiple Neuropixels probe recordings
    Extracellular recordings require accurate and ergonomic manipulation of the recording electrodes. The Svoboda Lab and Janelia Experimental Technology group have developed a flexible manipulator...
    Micro Linear Drive
    In vivo electrophysiology recordings from single to multiple neurons in behaving animals provide unique insights into neuroscience research. Microdrives, which are used to position microelectrodes...
    MicroED Stage Controller
    MicroED is a recently developed method from the Gonen lab, which allows collecting high-resolution electron diffraction data from tiny protein microcrystals using an electron cryo-microscope...
    Surgery for placing probes in a model organism can be difficult given the space constraints and size of the instrumentation. To help assist in the efficient and clean placement of probes,...
    mini-INTACT Homogenizer
    Experiments involving molecular analysis of rare cell types from Drosophila brains often require large numbers of flies to recover enough material. This limits the experiments that...
    System Overview   The miniBCS is a compact, general-purpose Behavioral Control System (BCS). It provides a powerful platform to control real-time experiments. It is...